Terms of Use Agreement:

The Nursing Facility Report Portal (NFRP) provides a site as a service to Pennsylvania's Medical Assistance (MA) nursing facilities. Use of the NFRP is strictly limited to these nursing facilities and authorized third parties for use in completing the quarterly CMI Report process and submitting MA-11 cost reports. As a user of the NFRP you are solely and fully responsible for any and all content that you may send to this site, as well as for the proper management and safe-keeping of all information received through this site. All users of the NFRP are bound by the following Terms of Use:

1. You agree that you will only use this site for business on behalf of the MA nursing facility that you represent.

2. You will keep your login credentials confidential and will not share your login credentials with anyone including other staff members of your nursing facility.

3. You agree to notify us promptly in the event you no longer require access to the site by completing an NFRP Individual User Account Maintenance Form to Remove User's Access to Facility.

4. You agree that you or your nursing facility administrator will notify us immediately in the event you leave the employ of the agency and agree to complete an NFRP Individual User Account Maintenance Form to Remove Users Access to Facility.

5. You agree to not use your login credentials, attempt to access the NFRP, or upload or download any files to or from the site if you leave the employ of the agency.